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Lefty-J’s Island Favorites Heads to the Eastside

A Ninth Island menu prepared “with lots of aloha”

Lefty-J’s Island Favorites
Lefty-J’s Island Favorites

Fans only have to wait less than a month until the eastside’s Twain Swenson Plaza will host a menu of Hawaiian and Filipino food, all “made with lots of aloha.”

Not a neighborhood renowned as a dining destination, Lefty-J’s Island Favorites will debut at the intersection of Twain Avenue and Swenson Street and offer “favorite flavors of home served at comfortable prices.” The low-key retail hub is already home to the Thai cuisine of Thai D To Go and the Ethiopian menu of Axum.

Lefty-J’s takes over the former home Al’s Donuts and has been previewing future dishes on social media, including a variety of familiar plate combinations, plus “chicken afritada,” pork adobo, or menudo, Hawaiian mac salad and the Phillipine staple pinakbet. Menu selections can also be picked up to-go.

An exact opening date or operating hours have yet to be announced.

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Axum Ethiopian Restaurant

, Las Vegas, NV 89109 (702) 693-6230