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Meet Henderson’s New Breakfast and Lunch Restaurant

The Stove is now cooking

The tea room at The Stove
The tea room at The Stove
Amelinda B Lee

The Stove

Address: 11261 Eastern Ave., Henderson

Phone: 702-625-5216

Hours: Daily from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Chefs Antonio Nunez, formerly of Kitchen Table in Henderson, and Scott Commings, the season 12 winner of Hell’s Kitchen who has Freedom Beat at the Downtown Grand, just debuted The Stove with a menu of American cuisine with regional influences. The restaurant takes over the former home of Standard & Pour, one of the final restaurants Kerry Simon put together before his death in 2015.

The restaurant features a “twisted” tea service from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. daily with western tea, champagne, and food, as well as a Gents tea service. Diners can order charcuterie and cheese with two cured meats and two cheeses, fresh fruit, jam, corchions, and grilled bread; or caviar toast featuring caviar, country bread, basted egg, macerated onions, and crème fraiche.

Also on the mainly breakfast menu, a wide range of vegan dishes.

Below, the entire menu.

Sausage corn dog

sausage dipped and fried inpancake batter, whole grain

mustard maple sauce

Short Rib Empanada

braise short rib, oaxaca cheese, poblano chilies, creama, salsa arbol, and crema

Sausage Party

trio of sausage and bacon, maple syrup, orange marmalade

Cinnamon toast

regular or gluten free, cinnamon sugar dusted and buttered


cold oatmeal, apples, apple butter, yogurt, wal-nuts

Country fried bacon

thick cut applewood smoked bacon, maple dipping sauce

Mexican egg

Scottish style egg wrapped in chorizo, potato bed, crema, arbol salsa

Masa quesadilla

corn masa style, oaxaca cheese , queso fresca, poblano, spiced slaw

Cereal milk yogurt

house made yogurt, seasonal jam, berries and granola

PB&J egg biscuit

fried egg, peanut butter mousse, bacon jam


2 eggs, protein, house potatoes, and toast

Corned beef hash

corn beef, house potatoes, 2 eggs any style, whole grain mustard, and toast

Country fried

country fried steak,biscuit, house potatoes, and chipotle gravy

Squish egg

pan fried egg, greens, gouda, large english muffin, bacon or sausage, house potatoes


if we have it, fold it in. 3 items. specialty items are extra.

Dem fancy egg

2 eggs, country ham, country bread, white cheddar, house potatoes, smoked table side

Chorizo frittata

Spanish chorizo, manchego, roasted tomatoes, greens, country bread

Breakfast basics

hard boiled egg, avocado, tomato, red onion, parsley, sausage and grilled bread

Croque madame

country ham, grueyre, savory cream, challah bread, egg up, and greens

Egg tacos

chorizo and egg, potatoes, salsa arbol, crema, oaxaca cheese

The full Monte

duck confit, Gruyere, batter fried, served with orange marmalade

Chicken and waffle

buttermilk fried boneless chicken, mac & cheese waffle, spiced maple syrup

The Mason jar

coddled egg, potato puree in a mason jar, with country paté, country bread, and house jam

Hangover corndog

beef dog, sweet corn batter, cream cheese, onion confit, sriracha, fried egg

Egg white frittata

cauliflower puree,roasted vegetables

Eggs and pancetta

grilled asparagus, arugula, pickled tomatoes, poached eggs, panchetta vinaigrette

Avocado toast

roasted garlic avocado smash, lime cucumber vinaigrette, roasted tomatoes, jalapeno, poached eggs, country toast and greens


tortilla chips, Oaxacan red sauce or green sauce, Oaxacan cheese, scrambled eggs, beans, crema, eggs


house made pasta, tradition egg cheese sauce, guanciale, egg up, grilled country bread

Savory French toast

onion egg batter, country ham, cream sauce, parmesan, Swiss, and 2 eggs

Bangers and eggs

2 bangers, red wine Demi, caramelized onions, potatoes, 2 eggs


2 eggs poached in spiced red sauce,greens, and feta cheese

The Monte Cristo

country ham, Swiss cheese, brioche, fried in pancake batter, house jam

Broccoli frittata

broccoli and parmesan fritata, topped with roasted vegetables and romesco

Pickled beets

roasted strawberry yogurt, candied nuts, greens, pickled beets


classic fluffy, buttery, cakes

Pecan pie pancake

pancakes layered with a pecan filling, topped with pie crumbles

Bananas Foster

caramelized bananas, vanilla ice cream, rum glaze, table side

Brie pancakes

brie, apples, cakes, lemon zest

Bacon pancakes

applewood smoked bacon

Birthday pancakes

vanilla cream, strawberries, sprinkles, powder sugar, whip cream, sparkles


traditional Belgium waffle, Belgium sugar crystals, Biscoff


country ham, poached eggs, English muffin, greens, Hollandaise, potatoes

Country Benedict

waffle, gravy, country fried steak, greens, fried eggs, house potatoes

Suckling pig

smoked pig, biscuits, poached eggs, brown butter Hollandaise, house barbecue, fried egg


smoked salmon,smoked salmon eggs, greens, poached eggs, dill Hollandaise, English muffin, potatoes

Crabby patty

king crab, Hollandaise, spinach artichoke, greens, poached eggs, potatoes

Churro waffle

Biscoff, cinnamon sugar, whipped cream

Foie and cherries

amaretto French toast, red wine soaked cherries, toasted almonds

Foie and biscuit

peanut butter mousse, house jam, peppercorn biscuits

A caviar toast

caviar, country bread, basted egg, macerated onions, creme fraiche

The golden egg

slight pickled, fried soft egg, caviar, red onion, capers, country bread

Caviar duo

salmon caviar, keluga caviar, creme fraiche, blinis, salmon, quail egg, dill oil, micro dill

Berry special

waffle, Biscoff, cream, seasonal berries, blueberry gastrique

Poutine waffle

cheese curds, gravy, caramelized onions, bacon, scallions


The Benedict Arnold

Hollandaise, chicken or sausage, vegan eggs, vegan bread, greens, potatoes

Tacos huevos?

vegan eggs, salsa verde, cheese, corn tortilla, potatoes

The skillet

sausage, vegan eggs, potatoes, cheese, vegetables

The Jack tacos

chicken style meat, macerated onions, salsa, avocado

Vegan burrito

black beans, avocado, tajin chicken, greens, cheese, cilantro rice

Unicorn burger

plant based burger patty, gluten free bun, cheese


sausage dipped and fried in pancake batter, whole grain mustard maple sauce


grass fed beef, buzzed cheddar cheese, fried egg, greens, house pickles, bacon, bacon fat onion confit, local tomato,house mayo

Dirty BLT

jalapeno bacon, greens, tomato jam, smashed avocado. fried egg

Indian sandwich

grilled vegetables, garlic curry aioli, roasted tomatoes, olive spread

Short rib taco

braised short rib, macerated onion, strawberry rhubarb puree, arbol salsa, cilantro rice

Charcuterie and cheese

2 cured meats and 2 cheeses, fresh fruit, jam, corchions, and grilled bread

Smoked chicken soup

matzoh ball, chicken, carrot, onion, and wood smoked broth

Kale and berries

chopped kale, seasonal berries,cucumber ,carrots, candied pecans, tomatoes


romaine hearts, parmesan, croutons, grilled bread, crispy chicken skin, lemon parmesan dressing

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The Stove

11261 South Eastern Avenue, , NV 89052 (702) 625-5216 Visit Website

Freedom Beat

206 North 3rd Street, , NV 89101 (702) 719-5315 Visit Website

Standard & Pour

11261 S Eastern Ave, Henderson, Nevada 89052 (702) 629-5523 Visit Website

Kitchen Table

1716 W Horizon Ridge Pkwy Ste 100, Henderson, NV 89012 (702) 478-4782 Visit Website