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Tiki di Amore Launches an Outdoor Tiki Bar on the Eastside

Dining, music, and Tiki drinks in a themed environment

Tiki di Amore
Tiki di Amore

Open for weeks, but slowly spreading the word of operating the only outdoor Tiki bar in Las Vegas, Tiki di Amore is now open six days a week for dining and drinking, surrounded by Moai statues, totems, and the custom-built “Tikipus.”

Located right behind the vintage Vegas-inspired Italian restaurant Casa di Amore, the Tiki bar at 2850 E Tropicana Avenue, next door to Dutch Bros., serves from from 5 p.m. to 11 p.m., Wednesday to Monday.

The themed environment features a private hut, seating around a fire pit, a life-size deep sea diver, and a throne embraced by a giant octopus, the “Tikipus,” created by locals 3 Specialty Design Services.

Tikipus by 3 Specialty Design Services
Tikipus by 3 Specialty Design Services
3 Specialty Design Services

On the menu, a roster of familiar Tiki drinks, all priced at $11, including a scorpion bowl, Mai Tais, the Blue Hawaiian, homemade sangria, the Rum Runner, and piña coladas.

Visitors can also order selections from the indoor Casa Di Amore menu, such as sliders, stromboli, pizza, small meals including a mini osso bucco and ”just a bite” choices of stuffed peppers, fried calamari, or bruschetta.

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Casa Di Amore

2850 East Tropicana Avenue, , NV 89121 (702) 433-4967 Visit Website