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Georgia’s K-Factory BBQ Confirmed for the Rio

A big project for fans of Korean barbecue

K-Factory BBQ
K-Factory BBQ
K-Factory BBQ

The huge plywood confirms the June reveal of the next dining import headed to the Rio, bringing a hit Korean barbecue restaurant from Duluth, Georgia.

Moving into a large space next to the Starbucks kiosk and near the Ipanema Tower elevators, K-Factory BBQ will take over a substantial 4,652-square-foot section, confidently being built with an estimated construction budget of $1.3 million.

Delayed from a start earlier this year, the new wraparound walls promote the parent company's success in its home region with its 678 and 770 numeral-named barbecue restaurants, both specializing in charcoal grilling.

For Las Vegas, the owners are expected to stick with K-Factory’s gas grills at each table and dishes prepared by friendly servers.

Work began on the footprint last month, but the venture is being promoted as “coming soon.” On the future menu, beef, pork, chicken, and seafood plus banchan, traditional and modern Korean side dishes. It is yet to be confirmed if an all-you-can-eat option will make the move to the Rio.

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