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Sushi Zone To Replace California Sushi Burrito in Chinatown

Plus, Japanese shabu-shabu is also on the way

California Sushi Burrito
California Sushi Burrito

Shuttering after less than a year in Chinatown, the former home of California Sushi Burrito has already signed up a new tenant at the Mountain Point Business Park.

Prominently facing Spring Mountain Road, the still under wraps Sushi Zone will take over 1,488-square feet, next door to Korean soup specialists Garionban.

Located half a mile west of the Chinatown Plaza, the mixed-use business park’s first dining hit was the debut of 8oz Korean Steak House & Bar, soon to become a new next door neighbor to another mystery restaurant.

Tentatively dubbed Nabe, a Japanese shabu-shabu concept has been planned for suite 106 since early this year. Nabemono, or nabe, is the name of a hot pot dish kept warm at the diners table inside a lidded clay pot. Currently under construction, no further details or possible opening date have been revealed.

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8oz Korean Steak House

4545 Spring Mountain Road B #105, Las Vegas, NV 89103 702-909-3121