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Dig Into Deviled Eggs at These Las Vegas Restaurants

A picnic favorite finds a place on the menu

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Deviled eggs at Carson Kitchen
Deviled eggs at Carson Kitchen

The term “deviled” refers to a food that is made spicy by adding in hot or zesty spices, but in Las Vegas it might as well refer to something that’s sinfully indulgent. As is the case with most menu items in Las Vegas, restaurants across the city are finding decadent ways to prepare deviled eggs.

Diners may still find the classic preparation, which combines the yolk of a boiled egg with mayonnaise, mustard, and optional spices, but some versions add creative ingredients such as caviar and in one case, an entire cocktail on the side. Here, a look at five restaurants that serve deviled eggs in Las Vegas.

Mr. Lucky’s
Yelp/Brian K.

A deviled egg as a cocktail garnish

Sometimes it takes a little more than the hair of the dog to recover from a night of partying in Las Vegas. For a cocktail with a little extra protein, diners can order Mr. Lucky’s breakfast bloody Mary. The cocktail comes garnished with a deviled egg plus a breakfast sandwich slider and a beef jerky stick.

Mr. Lucky’s, Hard Rock Hotel, 4455 Paradise Road; 702-693-5592

Carson Kitchen

Deviled eggs plus caviar

Carson Kitchen is well known for its re-imagination of comfort food staples. Fittingly, the downtown restaurant’s deviled eggs are topped with pancetta and caviar for a little extra savory flavor and a healthy dose of sophistication.

Carson Kitchen, 124 S. Sixth St.; 702-473-9523

Other Mama
Yelp/Jean C.

Seafood-inspired deviled eggs

Deviled eggs make for the perfect precursor to a meal at Other Mama. Chef Dan Krohmer’s intimate seafood restaurant serves the appetizer with fried oysters plus pickled peppers for a satisfying blend of flavors.

Other Mama, 3655 S. Durango Drive, Suite 6; 702-463-8382

The Smashed Pig

A crispy take on a classic

Deviled eggs make an appearance on pub menus in England, so it makes sense that they’re held in high esteem at The Smashed Pig. The English gastropub serves its deviled eggs deep-fried with a generous sprinkling of paprika plus crisp cornichon.

The Smashed Pig, 509 Fremont St; 702-444-7816

Yardbird Southern Table & Bar

Deviled eggs on the Strip

If a stroll down Las Vegas Boulevard results in a craving for deviled eggs, the answer can be found at Yardbird Southern Table & Bar. Located inside the Venetian, the chicken-focused restaurant answers the eternal question of “which came first: chicken or the egg?” by serving deviled eggs as an appetizer topped with dill, chives and smoked trout roe.

Yardbird Southern Table & Bar, Venetian, 3355 Las Vegas Blvd. S.; 702-297-6541

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Smashed Pig

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Las Vegas

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Mr. Lucky's

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Carson Kitchen

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Other Mama

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Hard Rock Hotel & Casino

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