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Tsaocaa To Debut Hong Kong-Style Egg Waffles and Bubble Tea

A Taiwanese company on a “pilgrimage” for perfect tea


Arriving in the U.S. earlier this year, bubble tea specialist Tsaocaa is already growing at a rapid pace from its Philadelphia and Baltimore bases, expanding to New York, Chicago, Indianapolis, and now inside a former Dairy Queen on Spring Mountain Road.

The 2,008-square-foot Chinatown site hosting plenty of room for parking and indoor seating is preparing to begin construction at the corner of Spring Mountain and Jones Boulevard.

The Taiwanese company, pronounced tao-tah, describes itself as being on a “pilgrimage,” to find the perfect tea and also offer desserts and smoothies on its menu.

Diners can choose Taiwanese milk bubble favorites featuring green, oolong, and black teas, plus fruit, “pure” and fresh brewed options, and mixed combinations like the “Osmanthus & King of Teas” that can be topped with a cream cheese or match milk foam. Americano coffee and fruit smoothies will also be served.

For dessert, French toffee pudding, Japanese matcha tofu and taro round dessert, join a food craze from recent years, the “HK-Syle eggette,” better known as bubble waffles.

An estimated debut date or future opening hours have yet to be announced.

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