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Cipriani at Wynn Plaza To Serve Lunch and Dinner

A fusion menu of Japanese and European favorites make the menu

Cipriani Las Vegas
Cipriani Las Vegas

Looking to become a fashionable evening haunt for visitors to the new Wynn Plaza retail wing, Cipriani is now announcing it will be ready to debut this October and also open for lunch and dinner.

Cipriani lands on the ground floor of Wynn’s still-under-construction 72,851-square-foot retail center, where the lower-level tenants have been curated to appeal to luxury consumers, while upstairs, which includes the first non-California expansion for Urth Caffé, will focus on drawing a younger demographic.

Cipriani has been careful to conceal details of what to expect this fall, but the 6,316-square-foot project has been searching for a “pizzaiolo” to prepare “high quality pizzas” and a sushi chef to work its “counter/bar.”

The global Cipriani brand has included a Japanese menu at select locations, including Dubai, where it has successfully combined sashimi and tempura selections, alongside Italian appetizers, pastas, risottos, and pizza favorites.

Cipriani Las Vegas will be open Sunday to Wednesday from 11:30 a.m. to 11:30 p.m. and closing at midnight from Thursday to Saturday.

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