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Palace Station Renovates Its Cafe Next

The $192 million revamp of the resort now targets the 24-hour restaurant

Grand Cafe burger
Grand Cafe burger
Station Casinos

Apparently the restaurant changes at Palace Station aren’t over yet. Next up, the Grand Cafe, the 24-hour restaurant, which undergoes a four-month makeover.

The Culinary Workers Union Local 226 originally planned to picket the resort in order to help 75 employees at the restaurant retain their jobs. The union called off the picket lines on Tuesday night when Station Casinos reached an agreement to keep employees and offer “recall rights” when the new venues open.

Station Casinos has seven Grand Cafes across Las Vegas and Henderson.

Over the summer, the $192 million renovation of the resort off the Strip brought a revamped Feast Buffet, a 14,000-square-foot restaurant with 394 seats and six stations with global cuisine that come together in The Hearth, Wok This Way, Blazing Grill, Health Favorite, The Carvery, and Just Desserts, all divided by cooking style instead of by cuisine.

At the end of July, Boathouse Asian Eatery debuted at the front of the resort with Japanese and Chinese fare.

The end of August brought the biggest new restaurant, BBD’s. Chef Ralph Perrazzo exported his New York restaurant to Vegas with 200 seats, an imposing wooden arched ceiling, custom chandeliers, and a large, long bar. At the front, beef butchered in the restaurant’s butcher shop, visible in the restaurant. Burgers, beer, and desserts are the main focus here.

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