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Karaoke Bar Back on Track at Neonopolis

Cat’s Meow comes from Bourbon Street to Fremont Street, plus OD’s bar next door

Cat’s Meow
Cat’s Meow

Updating the ever-shifting roster of tenants at Neonopolis downtown, the self-described “BEST Karaoke Bar in the World” is back on track on the venue’s second floor, a few steps from The Nerd’s pop-culture arcade bar.

First revealed last November, the Cat’s Meow karaoke bar has been a beacon for extroverts and celebrities in the French Quarter for almost 30 years. This first expansion out of New Orleans will take over 10,407 square feet on Fremont Street and early plans show a stage, a rectangular bar with room for fifty guests and table seating. Performers will be live streamed to the internet to be watched by friends, family and the curious.

Cat’s Meow will share a combination entrance and “boutique” with yet another karaoke bar, located right next door. OD’s smaller 6,463-square-foot space mirrors its neighbor, with the same size bar and the addition of a DJ booth.

Customers will also be broadcasting to the web when then they sing, but in this room, only “artists who have passed on” will make it to the soundtrack.

An estimated debut date has not been announced.

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