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‘BOK BOK!’ Shaquille O’Neal Ready to Launch Big Chicken Shaq

“Flavor, food, fun,” a bar, and a Facebook show for Big Chicken

Shaquile O’Neal
Shaquile O’Neal
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Former NBA superstar Shaquille O’Neal is wasting no time preparing for the debut of his eastside fast-casual concept Big Chicken later this year and is almost ready to roll out his online TV show to document the process.

Big Chicken Shaq will air on Facebook Watch and O’Neal previously shared he hopes will provide viewers input on the “kind of dishes they like, decor,” plus “we’re going to make it like a big contest. We’ll be flying people in, inviting people to taste tests, stuff like that.”

The first promo for the show features Shaq sitting cross from the Bellagio, introducing a new catchphrase, “BOK BOK” and revealing that opening a chicken restaurant has been a lifelong dream.

Located at the Paradise Esplanade, across Paradise Road from the Hard Rock Hotel and inside the former 2,660-square-foot home of Origin India, new paperwork updates there will be room enough for 102 inside. An estimated construction budget of $809,435 has been allocated for the swift makeover.

The restaurant will also be installing a bar and is about to begin auditioning new bartenders to pair cocktails with the chicken.

While a final menu has not been previewed, “Chef Shaq-ardee” has already hinted to USA Today:

“I like a lot of fried chicken and I like a lot of baked chicken. I like the dark meat chicken, I like the chicken tenders. I come up with my own special sauces for the house. I like a lot of bread. Garlic bread, french bread. I like Shaq-aroni and cheese.”

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Origin India

4480 Paradise Road, Las Vegas, Nevada 89169 702-734-6342

Big Chicken

1701 John F Kennedy Boulevard, , PA 19103 (267) 639-2513 Visit Website