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Downtown Las Vegas Lands Two New Restaurants by the End of 2018

Daniel Krohmer of Other Mama plans new eateries at the defunct Fergusons Motel

Dan Krohmer
Dan Krohmer
Amelinda B Lee

For nearly six years, the down-heal Fergusons Motel floated plans to renovate the 50,768-square-foot, 69-room resort built in 1960. Now comes word the plans may actually move forward, with Daniel Krohmer of Other Mama fame at the helm of two new restaurants.

Krohmer tells the Las Vegas Review-Journal that he plans to open La Monja, a Mexican restaurant with a fish market feel, and Hatsumi, a Japanese robata-style restaurant, by the beginning of the year.

La Monja relies more on coastal seafood with low prices, with fewer burritos and tacos and more ceviches. Hatsumi features a Japanese charcoal-burning grill with sashimi and a late-night tasting menu.

Tony Hsieh and his Downtown Project originally bought the space for $5 million in December 2012, initially planning to add three separate taverns with outdoor seating plus a fourth restaurant, imagined to be coffee shop. Over time, the shifting concept has also floated the idea of building a retro Las Vegas-themed tavern in the former front desk under the shadow of the motel’s neon sign.

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