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Shaquille O’Neal Launches All ‘Shaq-cess’ Pass to Big Chicken

Taste tests, interior demolition, and chicken dance contests

Big Chicken Shaq 
Big Chicken Shaq 
Big Chicken Shaq

“BOK BOK!” The hype machine has kicked into high gear and former NBA superstar turned entrepreneur Shaquille O’Neal is ready to let the world know about his eastside fried chicken restaurant and how future customers can get involved in the journey to opening day.

Planning to debut before the end of the year, Big Chicken will replace the former 2,660-square-foot Origin India at the Paradise Esplanade, across Paradise Road from the Hard Rock Hotel. New footage from O’Neal’s Facebook Watch reality show “Big Chicken Shaq” reveals the 7-foot-1 inch athlete helping demolish the Indian restaurant interior.

The show will debut its first season online beginning Oct. 6, chronicling O’Neal’s nationwide taste tests for the future menu, giving a thumb up or down to potential recipes. The restaurant has already been hiring bartenders to create cocktails to pair with the dishes.

Fans who join the new Facebook group can also submit their best version of a “chicken dance” to be selected for a role in a future episode and the public will be encouraged to “help with restaurant decisions.”

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Big Chicken

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