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Char-Your-Own Filipino Skewers on the Grill at This New Restaurant

Toto’s Grill debuts Filipino street food

Toto’s Grill
Toto’s Grill
Toto’s Grill

A hit concept at its three California locations, Toto’s Grill has expanded to the eastside, welcoming diners with trays ready be filled with “authentic Filipino street food.”

Located in the same retail center as Seafood City on Maryland Parkway, the grill replaces the shuttered Tapioca Express.

The house specialty is its collection of skewered menu items, each priced at $1.25, ready for diners to reheat themselves on the large, open charcoal grill.

Customers can also order imported drinks, including Calamansi Juice, and add extra flavor to their charred meats from the range of sauces, like fishball, or spicy cucumber vinegar.

Among the evolving current menu choices, chicken or pork isaw, barbecue pork, lobster balls, chicken feet, hot dogs, lumpia, and shumai.

Toto’s Grill, 3910 S. Maryland Parkway, 702-550-3887. Open 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. Thursday to Saturday, closing at 9 p.m. on Sunday and closed Monday to Wednesday.

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Toto's Grill

21933 Foothill Boulevard, , CA 94541 (510) 674-9338 Visit Website

Seafood City

6435 North Decatur Boulevard, , NV 89084 (702) 425-6973 Visit Website