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Bubble Tea and ‘HK-Style Eggettes’ Debut in Chinatown

Tsaocaa arrives on Spring Mountain from Taiwan


Ahead of a grand opening on Jan. 18, Taiwanese company Tsaocaa has opened the doors to its tea shop in Chinatown, taking over a former Dairy Queen on Spring Mountain Road.

Pronounced tao-tah, Tsaocaa features a collection of fruit, milk bubble, “pure” and “special” tea creations, along with a collection of unusual sweet and savory sacks, including the stand-out choice, a $3.75 “HK-style eggette.”

Located at the corner of of Spring Mountain and Jones Boulevard, the 2,008-square-foot counter-service space offers a wide variety of beverages, priced between $3.90 and $5.50, including teas topped with cheese or matcha milk foam, and house specials of caramel bubble milk black tea with dark brown sugar, and milk green tea with herb jelly.

Snack options include French toffee pudding, a $3.75 curry fish ball dish, and the warm waffle eggettes, also available in “choco” or cheese varieties.

Tsaocaa, 6125 Spring Mountain Road, 702-778-8991. Open daily from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m.

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