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Sichuan Hot Pots To Heat Up the Grand Canal Shoppes

From New York, Xiang Hot Pot to add spice to life

Xiang Hot Pot
Xiang Hot Pot

Catering to “the most adventurous diners,” alongside the curious searching for an Instagram-worthy destination, Xiang Hot Pot is expanding from Flushing, Queens, to the Grand Canal Shoppes.

Created in 2003, the restaurant has earned a reputation for its elaborately designed interior and nightly live entertainment, plus large presentations of Sichuan-inspired dishes.

Soup options range from classic choices of beef, pork, chicken, shrimp, squid, and scallops, to “fun” ingredients of “Xiang Hotpot Signature Fish Head, our Crisp Triratna, Ox Tripe/Bone Marrow, and Wild Bamboo Fungus.”

A current favorite addition is an orange teddy bear “made out of pure mala soup and butter” that slowly melts into the soup.

Originally naming the space Xiang Tian Xia Chinese Hot Pot, the Grand Canal Shoppes and restaurant are both promoting the concept as “coming soon,” with initial hiring commencing last fall.

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