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Five Restaurants That Serve a Killer Osso Buco in Las Vegas

Where to savor the essential winter dish

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Osso buco at Piero’s Italian Cuisine
Osso buco at Piero’s Italian Cuisine
Piero’s Italian Cuisine [Official Site]

Osso buco. Just the name is enough to inspire dreams of the impossibly tender and incredibly flavorful dish. The Italian favorite, which in paradoxically unappetizing fashion translates to “bone with a hole,” is typically made with a veal shank that is braised so that the meat is practically falling off the bone. In some cases, a chef may deviate from the norm and use beef or even pork.

Regardless of whether it’s made with tradition or innovation in mind, osso buco is a classic winter dish. When the temperature dips into the 50s (freezing, by Vegas standards), here’s where to find it.

Osso buco at Piero’s Italian Cuisine
Osso buco at Piero’s Italian Cuisine
Piero’s Italian Cuisine [Official Site]

A Vegas classic

Piero’s Italian Cuisine has been in Las Vegas since the 1980s, hosting mobsters, celebrities, tourists, and locals alike throughout its storied history. Its location near the Las Vegas Convention Center is reason enough to attend a trade show in Las Vegas. The classic Italian restaurant is known for its osso buco, which is simmered for four hours and then served with pasta. As the signature dish of this restaurant, it’s a must-try.

Piero’s Italian Cuisine, 355 Convention Center Drive; 702-369-2305

Osso buco at Ferraro’s Italian Restaurant & Wine Bar
Osso buco at Ferraro’s Italian Restaurant & Wine Bar
Ferraro’s Italian Restaurant & Wine Bar [Official Site]

A southern Italian take

Ferraro’s Italian Restaurant & Wine Bar prides itself on offering meticulously prepared cuisine based on family tradition. This is good news for fans of osso buco, who will find that the dish here benefits from attention to detail. The osso buco at Ferraro’s is braised in a red wine reduction and served with farro for a rustic approach to the dish.

Ferraro’s Italian Restaurant & Wine Bar, 4480 Paradise Road; 702-364-5300

Osso buco at Casa Di Amore
Osso buco at Casa Di Amore
Pokin. Y/Yelp

Osso buco and live jazz

Casa Di Amore offers an appetizer-sized option for diners who love osso buco. The much-loved dish includes a mini veal shank with demi-glaze served with a generous portion of creamy risotto. The Italian dish is best enjoyed with an evening of live jazz, which is offered six nights a week.

Casa Di Amore, 2850 E. Tropicana Ave.; 702-433-4967

Osso buco at Nora’s Cuisine
Osso buco at Nora’s Cuisine
Nora’s Cuisine/Facebook

Meat and potatoes

Osso buco takes center stage at Nora’s Italian Cuisine. The Spring Valley Italian institution serves the dish in perfect winter fashion with a sizable 14-ounce veal shank on top of rosemary and garlic mashed potatoes and drizzled with gravy.

Nora’s Italian Cuisine, 5780 W. Flamingo Road; 702-873-8990

Osso buco at Lago
Osso buco at Lago
Kass L./Yelp

Osso buco and a view

Occupying prime real estate beside the Bellagio Fountains, Julian Serrano’s Lago is an upscale destination that specializes in small Italian plates that are designed to foster a social dining experience. The being said, there’s nothing wrong with resisting the urge to share the osso buco at Lago, which is braised in red wine and served with polenta.

Lago, Bellagio, 3600 Las Vegas Blvd. S.; 702-693-7111

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3600 South Las Vegas Boulevard, , NV 89109 (866) 259-7111 Visit Website

Nora's Italian Cuisine

5780 W Flamingo Rd, Las Vegas, NV 89103 (702) 365-6713 Visit Website

Piero's Italian Cuisine

355 Convention Center Drive, , NV 89109 (702) 369-2305 Visit Website

Ferraro's Italian Restaurant & Wine Bar

4480 Paradise Road, , NV 89169 (702) 364-5300 Visit Website

Casa Di Amore

2850 East Tropicana Avenue, , NV 89121 (702) 433-4967 Visit Website