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New Filipino Restaurant To Serve a Pinoy Menu and Live Music

Karaoke, a Filipino menu, and a new home for local bands comes to Gimik Republik

Gimik Republik
Gimik Republik

Encouraging its future guests to “support live music,” a new Chinatown venue will fill 3,385 square feet, with a bar, Filipino dining, karaoke, and regularly scheduled performances.

A “newer & better” sequel to the long-shuttered Gimik da Lounge on the westside, Gimik Republik will open less than a mile to the north on Decatur Boulevard, a short walk from Griff’s Sport Bar and Jjanga Steak & Sushi at the Decatur Twain Plaza.

Currently hiring and announcing it will be arriving “soon,” the corner space has yet to announce a menu, but is previewing it will Filipino focused. Serving hours are also unknown, but the original lounge stayed open until early morning.

Inside will feature a stage, a bar with 10 seats, a VIP area, a main dining room facing the live shows, and an outdoor smoking patio. Current plans do not call for private karaoke rooms.

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