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Kosher Restaurant and Korean Barbecue Both Shut Down by the Health Department

Cockroaches galore

Health Inspected
Health Inspected
Bradley Martin

Anise Tapas & Grill, the kosher a kosher Spanish tapas restaurant at 3100 S. Durango Drive, was shut down by the Southern Nevada Health District after a routine inspection on Jan. 15. KTNV reports that the restaurant earned 51 demerits and two imminent health hazards for a sewage problem and a multi-generational cockroach infestation.

According to the news station, “inspectors found cockroaches living behind the wall-mounted alarm system,” as well as a live cockroach in the refrigerator and roach feces on the walls and ceilings.

The health department also cited the restaurant for “excessive grease, grime and food debris under and behind equipment and in floor drains, as well as large holes in walls and gaps in ceiling tiles.” Food handlers were also walking through sewage that flooded the floors. Other demerits were handed out for food debris on plates, food held at the wrong temperature, and food handled with bare hands. Raw chicken was stored above bread, raw chicken skewers sat above hummus, and raw beef sat above onions.

This is the fourth time the health department closed the restaurant since 2017. Anise re-opened on Jan. 17 with six demerits.

Kimchi Korean BBQ at 3049 Las Vegas Blvd. S. was shut down by the health department on Jan. 16 after failing a re-inspection for a multi-generational cockroach infestation. “Roaches were found inside the steamer cabinet, behind equipment on the hot line, on prep kitchen walls and near the dish machine,” KTNV reports.

Kimchi earned a zero-demerit A grade on Jan. 18. The health department shut down the restaurant four other times since 2011.

The health district conducts unannounced inspections at least once a year. Inspections are posted online about five days after the inspection. The Southern Nevada Health District routinely shuts down restaurants that receive more than 40 demerits. Restaurants have the option of requesting a re-inspection before the next scheduled inspection.

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Anise Tapas & Grill

3100 South Durango Drive, , NV 89117 (702) 586-4088 Visit Website

Kimchi Korean BBQ

3049 Las Vegas Blvd S #27, Las Vegas, NV 89109 (702) 894-9944