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Picanha Steak Truck Graduates to Its First Restaurant

Brazilian-style steak sandwiches and tacos head to the southwest

A Picanha Steak Truck sandwich with fries.
Picanha Steak Truck
Picanha Steak Truck/Facebook

Beginning with its Street Dogs vehicle, then evolving into the busy Picanha Steak Truck frequently seen parked around Las Vegas, the team is evolving from a life on the road and opening a brick and mortar restaurant in the southwest.

Promised to be coming soon and recently hiring, the Picanha Steak Restaurant replaces the shuttered Grand Sign Kitchen Chinese menu at the Rainbow Place retail hub, next door to the former home of Cheeburger Cheeburger.

Named after a favorite Latin American cut of meat, similar in texture to sirloin, Picanha has yet to reveal what to expect in its new home.

But for the last three years, the specialty has been a steak sandwich, cooked rare or medium rare, and prepared with spinach, cherry tomatoes, a special sauce, and french fries. Also on the menu, a plate meal served with a Caesar salad, beef, or grilled shrimp tacos and salads, fried green plantains, and grilled corn.

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