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Kaiseki Yuzu Prepares for a Move to Chinatown

A new start for the highly acclaimed chef Kaoru Azeuchi

 A sample, multi dish, four course meal served by chef Kaoru Azeuchi at Kaiseki Yuzu.
Kaiseki Yuzu
Kaiseki Yuzu/Facebook

Chef Kaoru Azeuchi and his highly acclaimed Kaiseki Yuzu menus are in the process of moving to 3900 Spring Mountain Road, leaving behind its five-year-old space in Silverado Ranch.

Kaiseki Yuzu offers seasonally inspired kaiseki option with nine to 10 hot and cold dishes and multi-course, multi-dish omakase meals. Azeuchi creates nightly menus that diners reserve a minimum of three days in advance.

The new venue will increase in size from the 30-seat original, filling 1,800 square feet behind Tofu Hut and Meet Fresh, near the intersection with Wynn Road.

Still keeping restaurant details under wraps, early paperwork revealed two dining sections inside, featuring 10 seats at the open kitchen and two, 12-seat dining tables, plus a second area with eight seats at the bar and eight more inside a private dining room.

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Meet Fresh

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Tofu Hut

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Kaiseki Yuzu

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