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Mandalay Bay Says Goodbye to Red Square Restaurant and Its Ice Sculpture of Lenin’s Head

Do one more caviar or vodka flight before it shutters for good

A headless statue of Vladimir Lenin stands guard outside a Russian-themed restaurant
Red Square
MGM Resorts [Official Site]

Say dasvidaniya to Red Square at Mandalay Bay. The Russian-themed restaurant that opened in 1999 departs the resort on November 17, according to the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

That means one last chance to drink vodkas in the private vault, replete with Lenin’s head on ice, a chilly ice bar, and fur coats for warding off the chill.

The restaurant features a replica of Vladimir Lenin at the entrance. After it opened 20 years ago, customers complained about the likeness of the communist Russian leader and founder of the former Soviet Union at the resort. Instead of removing the statue, the resort lopped off Lenin’s head, a nod to the Eastern European tradition of removing just the head from many Lenin statues.

Red Square specializes in twists on Russian cuisine such as pierogi, caviar tastings, varenki, pelmeni, and Stroganoff with beef short rib.

A replacement for the restaurant was not announced.

SBE and Disruptive Restaurant Group, a division of SBE, took over management of the restaurant in February.

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Red Square

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