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Las Vegas Food Writers Make Dining Predictions for 2020

The rise of TikTok, robot bartenders, more hyper-specific Japanese restaurants, and a flood of off-Strip dining predicted

Tipsy Robot
Tipsy Robot
Tipsy Robot [Official Site]

Following an Eater tradition, we asked a group of restaurant critics, journalists, bloggers, and friends of the site to weigh in on the year in food. Their answers to the annual Year in Eater survey will be revealed in several posts. For the final post, headline predictions for 2020.

Rob Kachelriess, Las Vegas writer, Thrillist: Banh mi is coming to s sports bar near you. If it hasn’t already.

Philip Tzeng, food blogger LasVegasFill: I hope to say drive-thru omakase, but in all seriousness, it’ll be about even more plant based options. Seeing so many opt for the Vegans, Baby curated Farm Stand at Life is Beautiful, more so than other food areas, showed me that a significant number of people not only prefer it, but demand it from eateries. I’ll be the first in line if someone can make a tasty, plant-based, crispy pork belly.

We will also start seeing more restaurants run their own TikTok accounts creating short form videos over pictures as the next thing in foodie social media.

Scott Roeben, Vital Vegas: Value Becomes Paramount for the Success of Las Vegas Restaurants as Visitor Priorities Shift. No kidding, Vegas and its restaurants are in for a rude awakening as visitation remains flat due to increased competition and changing perceptions. Restaurants that roll out nuisance service charges are going to get hit hard.

Melanie Lee, Eater Vegas Instagram manager: Instagram Pop-Up Even More Popular After Several People Hospitalized For Dehydration While Waiting in Three Hour Line

Robot Bartender Malfunctions and Throws Drinks at Guests

Servers Mistake Choking Diner for TikTok Stunt, Diner Sues Restaurant

Bob Barnes, Las Vegas writer for Gayot, editorial director and writer for The Las Vegas Food & Beverage Professional, and copy editor and writer for Vegas Beer Quest: More Established Chefs Leave the Vegas Strip for the Burbs

Thriving New Restaurants of High Quality Continue to Open in Downtown Las Vegas

Andy Wang, contributor, Food & Wine: Does Las Vegas Have the Best Italian Food in America?

Martin Koleff Opens Yet Another Hyper-Specific Japanese Restaurant

Another L.A. Restaurant Superstar Hits the Strip

Krista Diamond, Eater Vegas contributor: Probably more drama at the Palms.

Susan Stapleton, editor of Eater Vegas: José Andrés Makes Last-Minute Democratic Bid for President

Every Casino Scraps Food Courts for Fancy Food Halls

A Shishito Pepper Shortage Leaves Restaurants Searching for New Appetizers

27 Italian Restaurants Close in One Week in Las Vegas, Replaced With Mexican Food

Every Casino Now Has a Supper Club

Casinos Now Validate Parking for Diners

Southwest Las Vegas Explodes as the New Epicenter for Asian Fare

Every Casino Now Has a Korean Restaurant

Henderson’s Water Street Becomes the New Fremont East

Every Casino Now Has Robot Bartenders

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