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Aria Chefs Spent Three Weeks Building This Gingerbread House

The house in the resort’s lobby features 400 pounds of gingerbread

ROAR Communications/MGM Resorts

A huge gingerbread house now finds a home in the lobby of Aria. The resort’s executive pastry chef Mathieu Lavallee and his team spent more than three weeks building and baking the peppermint tiles, giant sugar bears, gingerbread bricks, and more that span 15 feet tall, seven feet wide, and 12 feet deep.

The house resembles a bakery decked out with stunning three-tier cakes and treats on display along with a chimney made of colorful gingerbread stones and cotton candy smoke.

The house uses more than 400 pounds of gingerbread, 64,000 peppermints, 200 pounds of royal icing, 80 pounds of chocolate, and more than 1,000 pounds of candy.

Nine hundred gingerbread bricks make up the walls of the house, while the roof is layered with 960 peppermint tiles.

Colorful sugar bears adorn the front and back walls, graham cracker tiles line the entrance, and large gumdrops made of white chocolate top the roof.

A five-foot-tall gingerbread man made of dough, royal icing, and fondant at the front weighs 120 pounds.

Aside from the obvious photo opportunity, Aria Patisserie offers some of the sweet treats found on the gingerbread house for purchase. Peppermint bark, hand-decorated cookies, hot chocolate, lollipops, candied oranges, chocolate Christmas trees, and more sell at the retail store daily from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m.

Aria’s gingerbread house is on display now through January 6.

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