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A Las Vegas-First Cannabis-Infused Dinner Takes Place This Week

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Grafitti Bao’s Marc Marrone creates the menu

NuWu Cannabis Tasting Room
NuWu Cannabis Tasting Room
NuWu Cannabis [Official Site]

Las Vegas gets a taste of cannabis-infused food when chef Marc Marrone of Graffiti Bao puts together a special dinner on December 12. He teams up with Lowell Herb Co., which created the first cannabis cafe in West Hollywood, for the dinner at the NuWu Vegas Tasting Room, the only cannabis tasting lounge in Las Vegas, inside NuWu Cannabis Marketplace.

Marrone plans to serve royale arancini with cheese featuring cippolini risotto, Angus beef, artisanal cheese, pickles, and special sauce; a baby gem salad with Thai vinaigrette, pomelo, heirloom tomato, and pickled shallots; Mandarin-glazed short ribs with jalapeño pomme puree, black pepper crumble, fresh mandarin, and mache; and a caramel budino with a snickerdoodle cookie and sweet cream for dessert. Each dish is infused with cannabis.

The dinner takes place at 5 and 8 p.m. for $150 per person.

NuWu sits on land owned by the Las Vegas Pauite Tribe. While Las Vegas City Council members voted in favor of pot lounges earlier this year, Assembly Bill 533 placed a hold on pot lounges until 2021 for more research.

Lowell Cafe earned its place as America’s first licensed cannabis consumption lounge and restaurant when it opened in September in Los Angeles. Diner there can eat a meal while consuming cannabis or eat cannabis-infused edibles on the premises.

NuWu opened its tasting room in October.

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