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Hot Pots Find a Home at the Grand Canal Shoppes

“Adventurous” Sichuan-inspired dishes are on the way from Xiang Hot Pot

Xian Hot Pot
Xian Hot Pot
Xian Hot Pot

Now confirming its expansion to Las Vegas, plywood has revealed the future location of New York’s hit “Asian fusion” concept Xiang Hot Pot at the Palazzo’s Grand Canal Shoppes, already promising to satisfy “the most adventurous diners.”

Xiang Hot Pot
Xiang Hot Pot
Susan Stapleton

First announced in January, Xiang Hot Pot’s Flushing, Queens original location specializes in its namesake soups and bold, Sichuan-inspired dishes. The Las Vegas location will head to the upper level of the retail center, two doors down from SushiSamba and next to another future arrival, Recital Karaoke from Los Angeles.

It also sits a short walk from the 13,844-square-foot, under construction Trustworthy Brewing Co. taking over the shuttered I Love Burgers and pushing for a summer 2019 debut.

While being entertained by nightly live performances, Xiang Hot Pot customers can order combinations of beef, pork, chicken, shrimp, squid, and scallops and a current menu favorite of an orange teddy bear “made out of pure mala soup and butter” that slowly melts into the soup.

The restaurant has yet to hint at a launch date, but is sticking to its earlier prediction the opening is “coming soon.”

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