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Hong Kong’s SweetHoney Dessert Is Next for Chinatown

Durian, sago and grass jelly dishes in a stylish setting

SweetHoney Dessert
SweetHoney Dessert

Spring Mountain Road’s under construction Shanghai Plaza continues to add to its already impressive roster of international tenants.

Hong Kong’s SweetHoney Dessert is now confirmed to be on track for a debut later this year, welcoming customers to an upbeat environment and an oversized menu of more than 140 uncommon Cantonese dishes.

Served in distinctive yellow bowls, each stylish, casual restaurant is built around collections of tofu, grass jelly, sago, and glutinous rice ball creations, with some U.S. locations featuring durian dishes and savory appetizers of chicken wings, curry fish balls, calamari, and squid skewers.

Already operating more than 600 stores in China, Southeast Asia, and Australia, the franchise first expanded to San Leandro, California, in 2015 and now runs more than a dozen U.S. outposts with firm plans to double that number.

Filing initial construction paperwork earlier this month, an estimated opening timetable or future hours in Las Vegas have yet to be announced.

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SweetHoney Dessert

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