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Taiwan’s Sharetea Sets an Opening Date in the Southwest

“Bubblicious” beverages headed to the Southern Highlands


Fans of black and pearl milk tea will soon have two local outposts to order a full menu of beverages created with ingredients imported from Taipei, Taiwan.

Sharetea is on track to debut in Chinatown’s Shangahi Plaza within a few weeks, but a different management team has already set a “grand opening” date for its location in Southern Highlands.

Created in 1992 and now expanded to more than 500 global outposts, Sharetea will debut at the Cactus Marketplace retail center, located at the intersection of Cactus Avenue and Decatur Boulevard, on April 6.

Moving into suite 150, it joins a Don Tortaco Mexican Grill and recent arrival breakfast and lunch specialists New Day Cafe.

Yet to reveal future opening hours, both locations will serve tea custard desserts, including red bean, or black tea choices, plus the brand’s menu of fruit, “creama,” and hot and iced drinks.

Among its “top 10” most popular options, a “passion fruit with yakult” creation, taro and fresh milk, oolong milk with lychee jelly, and the Okinawa pearl milk tea.

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