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A busy street with casinos on either side.

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How To Eat and Drink Your Way Through Downtown Las Vegas in 24 Hours

Make the most of every moment

Fremont Street Experience
| Amelinda B Lee

Downtown Las Vegas continues to develop into pockets of entertainment, divided into Fremont Street Experience and Fremont East. Countless options can satisfy any hunger no matter what time of day, but it would take weeks of nonstop eating just to scratch the surface of what’s available. To make things less daunting, the 24-hour itinerary below will help visitors get the most out of their time in Downtown Las Vegas by highlighting some of the most essential spots in town.

Truffled egg sandwich at Eat
Truffled egg sandwich at Eat
Eat [Official Site]

8 a.m. — Eat

Wake up early to get a head start on exploring the city, but leave the empty stomach behind with a little pre-gaming at Natalie Young’s Eat. Pick up huevos motelenos with red and green New Mexico chiles, black beans, and two eggs over easy; a truffled egg sandwich; chicken fried steak, shrimp and grits; corned beef hash; and more comfort foods.

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MTO Cafe
MTO Cafe
MTO Cafe/Facebook

10 a.m. — MTO Cafe

Getting a late start to the day after a wild night in Downtown Las Vegas means a late brunch. MTO Cafe has both breakfast and lunch favorites available all day. There’s a nice variety of healthy options such as the Yoga Pants with eggs, mushrooms, onions, and other veggies cooked to order, and cheat day options including the Kentucky fried chicken, a hearty portion of eggs, fried chicken, country gravy. and a mixture of hash browns and mashed potatoes.

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Scallops at Triple George Grill
Scallops at Triple George Grill
Triple George Grill/Facebook

Noon — Triple George Grill

For lunch, the Downtown Grand’s Triple George is the place to rub shoulders with the power players in Vegas. Go for favorites such as a pot roast or chicken pot pie, or go for a sandwich such as the Reuben or California turkey sandwich.

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Carson Kitchen
Carson Kitchen
Chris Wessling

3 p.m. — Carson Kitchen

Find a menu of shared plates, sandwiches, flatbreads baked in the hearthstone oven, garden dishes, entrees, and a playful take on desserts, all an ode to Kerry Simon. On the drinks side, micro-brewed soda brands, such as Virgil’s, along with handcrafted cocktails and an array of small-batch brews and global wines. Open for lunch and dinner.

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Oscar’s Steakhouse dining room
Oscar’s Steakhouse
The Plaza

6 p.m. — Oscar’s Steakhouse

Former Las Vegas mayor Oscar Goodman has his own steakhouse inside the Plaza with recipes inspired by his family. Try dishes such as Joey C’s filet mignon, Sally’s New York strip, spicy flame-charred Spilotro steak with a side of Ralph’s smashed potatoes, or Joe Pig’s pork chop. Every once in a while, Goodman throws a dinner to talk about his days as a mob attorney for a real slice of old school Las Vegas charm. That glass-domed restaurant was once the Center Stage Restaurant, and appeared in Casino with Robert De Niro and Sharon Stone as well as Pay It Forward with Kevin Spacey.

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Hainanese chicken rice at Flock & Fowl
Hainanese chicken rice at Flock & Fowl
Amelinda B Lee

9 p.m. — Flock & Fowl

Hainanese chicken rice takes center stage at Sheridan Su and Jenny Wong’s Flock & Fowl at The Ogden. Curry laksa, kaya toast, and must-order chicken wings should accompany any meal.

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Downtown Cocktail Room
Downtown Cocktail Room
Downtown Cocktail Room/Facebook

Midnight — Downtown Cocktail Room

Downtown’s revitalization begins with the Downtown Cocktail Room, the swanky speakeasy with chichi drinks and a smooth setting. First-timers might miss the front door with its indiscrete sign and even more difficult-to-find front door.

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Siegel’s 1941
Siegel’s 1941
Siegel’s 1941/Facebook

3 a.m. — Siegel’s 1941

Even Bugsy Siegel would approve of El Cortez’s Siegel’s 1941 with its clubby feel and American fare. The overnight menu features the Fat Irish Green corned beef hash with three eggs, a croissant sandwich, chicken parmigiana, and spaghetti or rigatoni.

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MTO Cafe

10970 Festival Plaza Drive, , NV 89135 (702) 982-0770 Visit Website

Triple George Grill

201 North 3rd Street, , NV 89101 (702) 384-2761 Visit Website

Downtown Cocktail Room

111 South Las Vegas Boulevard, , NV 89101 (702) 880-3696 Visit Website


707 Carson St., Las Vegas, NV 89101 702-534-1515 Visit Website

Flock & Fowl

150 North Las Vegas Boulevard, , NV 89101 (702) 272-2222 Visit Website

Fremont Street Experience

425 East Fremont Street, , NV 89101 (702) 678-5600 Visit Website

Oscar's Steakhouse

1 South Main Street, , NV 89101 (702) 386-7227 Visit Website

Carson Kitchen

124 South 6th Street, , NV 89101 (702) 473-9523 Visit Website