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Beauty Bar Loses Its Liquor License

Plus served with an eviction notice

Beauty Bar
Beauty Bar
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Last Monday, the Las Vegas City Council voted to revoke a temporary liquor license for Beauty Bar on Fremont East. The bar was also served with an eviction notice.

The Las Vegas Review-Journal reports that since August, when a new owner took over the retro bar with live entertainment, several incidents involving Metro police caused the city to look into whether the bar should have a liquor license.

Owner Roxie Amoroso, who bought the club last year, tells the paper that ”running the venue did not pan out as she anticipated.”

Incidents at the club include a security guard placing a band member in a choke hold, that same security guard punching a customer in the face, and a different security guard selling marijuana to an undercover detective.

On April 1, Las Vegas Justice Court issued an eviction notice, according to News 3, the second in a month. Initially, the bar was served with an eviction notice on March 1 for “lewd activity, disorder, disturbances and other activities which has endangered the health and safety of patrons.” Amoroso fought the eviction.

Following the second eviction notice, her attorney says that Amoroso is a “victim of fraud.” She allegedly sold Beauty Bar to the current manager for $120,000, but that unnamed person never paid her although he took “complete control of the Beauty Bar operations.”

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