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A Mexican Ice Cream Parlor Heads to North Las Vegas

An international brand will import 36 flavors of frozen treats

Michoacán A Pedir de Boca
Michoacán A Pedir de Boca

An international frozen treat franchise has chosen North Las Vegas as the site of its first local expansion, importing a long menu of ice cream, Popsicles, and popular Mexican snacks.

Michoacán a Pedir de Boca is moving into the Lake Mead Decatur Shopping Center, already home to Mariscos El Puerto and the recently debuted Mucho Sabroso Mexican Homemade Food & Coffee.

A modern twist on Latin American ice cream parlors, the brand already operates in Chile, Panama, and Mexico and is quickly expanding within the U.S., with recent launches in Los Angeles, Chicago, and St. Paul, Minnesota.

Each pink-tinged parlor includes playful murals and a main menu built around “36 flavors” of water or cream-based creations.

Among the uncommon flavor choices, horchata, “mango & chamoy,” “cucumber and chile,” tamarind and the “unicorn bubble gum.” Ice cream options include lemon pie, chongos, the “angel kiss” and “tequilla with almonds.”

Also available, mangonadas, chocolate bananas, “Tostilocos, Dorilocos, and many more Mexican snacks.”

An opening date, or future hours have yet to be announced.

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