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Behold, the Menu at Bobby Flay’s New Seafood Restaurant

The entire menu with prices at Shark

Octopus at Shark
Octopus at Shark
Palms [Official Site]

Television personality Bobby Flay’s Shark at the Palms kept a pretty tight lid on the menu at the seafood- and fish-forward restaurant that features sushi and raw bar dishes. Flay uses ingredients from South America, Mexico, and the Mediterranean in dishes that range from ceviche, tacos wrapped in purple corn tortillas, and entrees. Flay relies on some of his favorite chili peppers, leaning on panca, rocoto, and aji amarillo in dishes such as sea scallops with mustard green salsa verde, panca chili, and cojita; tuna tartare with crispy green rice and Peruvian chili sauce; and cured salmon and egg tostada with rocoto hot sauce and black bean “butter.”

Many of the entrees are meant to share, such as a whole grilled lobster with basil, garlic, and red chili butter and The BF steak, a 36-ounce bone-in prime porterhouse with triple chili butter and pan juices.

Here, a look at the menu.


Charred Shishito Peppers $12

Toasted Coriander, Peanut-Mango Dipping Sauce

Shrimp Escabeche $25

Green Onion Dressing

Octopus $22

Gooseberry Salsa, Bacon, Marcona Almonds

Crushed Avocado $16

Pistachio-Serrano Chile Pesto, Queso Blanco, Rice Crackers

Roasted Salmon $21

Yellow Chile-Ponzu Dressing, Banana Leaf

Sea Scallops $20

Mustard Green Salsa Verde, Panca Chile, Cotija

Tuna Tartare $24

Crispy Green Rice, Peruvian Chile Sauce

Black Cod $22

Fermented Red Pepper Glaze, Pickled Cucumbers, Butter Lettuce

Black Squid Noodles $26

Cherry Tomato Butter, Blue Crab, Calabrian Chiles

Roasted Yellowtail Collar $19

Tangerine Vinegar Sauce

Cured Salmon & Egg Tostada $18

Rocoto Hot Sauce, Black Bean “Butter”

Scrambled Eggs $19

Sea Urchin, Chive Pesto, Spicy Tomato Toast

Tacos at Shark
Tacos at Shark
Bobby Flay/Twitter


Wrapped in Housemade Purple Corn Tortillas

Seafood & Meat

Lobster $24

Shrimp $20

Tuna $20

Beef Tenderloin $24

Chorizo $19


Eggplant $17

Cauliflower $17

Sweet Potato $17

Sushi and Sashimi

2 Pieces

Abalone $18

Alaskan Spot Prawn $16

Blue Fin Tuna $15

Barracuda $10

Fluke $12

Fresh Water Eel $10

Jumbo Clam $20

Mackerel $8

Octopus $10

Red Snapper $16

Salmon $12

Salmon Roe $16

Sea Scallop $12

Sea Eel $17

Sea Urchin $20

Squid $10

Toro $40

Yellowtail $12

Sushi Rolls

Cut or Hand-Roll

Rock Shrimp Tempura $16

Aji Amarillo Chile, Avocado

Crunchy Soft Shell Crab $18

Cucumber, Toasted Panko, Smoked Chile

Spicy Blue Fin Tuna $24

South American Style, “Inside Out”, Cucumber, Rocoto Chile

Yellowtail ceviche at Shark
Yellowtail ceviche at Shark
Bobby Flay/Twitter


Blue Fin Tuna $21

Serrano Chile, Avocado, Cilantro

Yellowtail $19

Charred Pineapple, Chile de Arbol, Bitter Greens

Salmon Sashimi

Salmon Sashimi $22

Hot Smoked Chile Dressing, Cucumber-Basil Relish

Triple chile butter on the BF steak
Triple chile butter on the BF steak
Bobby Flay/Twitter


Whole Grilled Lobster MP

Basil, Garlic, Red Chile Butter


Simply Grilled with Meyer Lemon & Olive Oil

Wild Striped Bass $38

Halibut $40

Swordfish $38

Arctic Char $38

Fried Chicken $28

Toasted Red Chiles, Lime, Rocoto Pepper Honey

The BF Steak $135

36 oz. Bone-In Prime Porterhouse, Triple Chile Butter, Pan Juices

Vegetables & Rice

Roasted Cauliflower $14

Almond Romesco

Crispy Rice with Black Beans $14

Sweet Potatoes, Cilantro

Crispy Rice with Chorizo $14

Wild Mushrooms

Grilled Corn $14

Coconut Milk, Yellow Chile, Oregano, Cotija

Little Gem Salad $14

Avocado, Queso Fresco, Plantains, Yuzu Dressing

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4321 W. Flamingo Road, Las Vegas, NV 702-942-7777 Visit Website