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Chinese Chain Restaurant Comes Close to a Health Department Shutdown

The restaurant earned a 40-demerit C grade

Health Inspected
Health Inspected
Bradley Martin

One of the seven China One locations in Las Vegas earned a 40-demerit C grade from the Southern Nevada Health after a routine inspection on April 8. The location at 4990 W. Craig Road near Decatur Boulevard had no hand washing facilities, grilled chicken and beef held at dangerous temperatures, beef thawing in standing water, a dirty microwave and walls, no manager, and a inspection grade card hidden in a pile of papers instead of hanging on the wall, according to KTNV.

Other violations included “chicken and shrimp uncovered in the fridge and subject to cross contamination, rice paddles in lukewarm standing water, and a grocery store T-shirt bag being used as a glove to scoop noodles.”

A re-inspection on April 24 earned the restaurant an A grade with one violation.

The health district conducts unannounced inspections at least once a year. Inspections are posted online about five days after the inspection. The Southern Nevada Health District routinely shuts down restaurants that receive more than 40 demerits. Restaurants have the option of requesting a re-inspection before the next scheduled inspection.

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