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A Kaiseki Menu and Japanese Barbecue to Chinatown

Is a local favorite opening a new Japanese restaurant?

Kaiseki by Mon and Samurai BBQ
Kaiseki by Mon and Samurai BBQ
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Heading into the same Decatur Twain Shopping Center once occupied by Japanese Cuisine by Omae and its limited seating omakase menu, two new Japanese concepts are on the way.

Located at the the intersection of Twain Avenue and Decatur Boulevard, Kaiseki by Mon has begun filing construction permits for an interior remodel by W G Constructors, the design team behind Yui Edomae Sushi and Hobak Korean BBQ in Chinatown,

Yet to be confirmed, or announced, the 1,262-square-foot space is expected to be the latest venture from the Mon Restaurant Group, the restaurant empire behind Monta Ramen, Sushi Mon, Ramen Kobo and Kabuto Edomae Sushi.

This would be the first kaiseki, multi-course Japanese dinner concept for the company.

And taking over the shuttered 1,390-square-foot Omae space a few doors down, Samurai BBQ is much closer to a debut, with interior work almost finished and new signage due soon. Also keeping its future menu and opening hours under wraps, guests can expect yakiniku grilling at each seat, a sake collection and VIP dining room.

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Japanese Cuisine by Omae

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