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Yummy Rice and Orchid Vietnamese Close to Chinatown Debuts

Two more restaurants headed to Shanghai Plaza

Yummy Rice dish.
Yummy Rice
Yummy Rice

Shanghai Plaza watchers received an inside look at the progress of Chinatown’s Orchid Vietnamese restaurant this week when Democratic presidential candidate Kamala Harris spoke at a local One APIA event hosted inside the Spring Mountain Road site.

Expanding from White Bear Township, the Vietnamese and French restaurant added a second Minnesota location earlier this year, featuring Chinese, Korean barbecue, and Thai dishes for lunch and dinner and specializing in the cuisine of Nha Trang, Vietnam.

Now confirming the Las Vegas expansion, but yet to share updated details, progress on the interior dining room appears close to completion.

Orchid Vietnamese will join another new neighbor, now expected to be open before the end of the month. Yummy Rice is moving into space B101, with signage installed outside and its team hiring over the last few weeks.

Promoting itself as the only local restaurant to focus on sticky “glutinous rice” dishes served in clay pots, the owners promise a “delicious symphony” of chicken, pork, mushrooms and fragrant rice “topped with the finishing touch of oyster sauce,” all prepared over a charcoal stove. Currently advertised opening hours will be 11 a.m. to 11 p.m daily.

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Shanghai Plaza

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Orchid Vietnamese

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Yummy Rice

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