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Vegan Bliss Replaces Blinders Burgers in Centennial

Debuts soon with revised hours and a new menu

Vegan Bliss
Vegan Bliss

Lasting less than a year, Blinders Burgers & Brunch has been replaced by a new, “100% plant based eatery,” already planning to substitute the brunch menu with a daily breakfast options.

Located at the Centennial Square retail center, Vegan Bliss will announce a revised menu and opening hours on June 1, when it reopens following a swift remodel of the 2,060-square-foot casual space.

Sitting at the intersection of Centennial Parkway and Durango Drive, Blinders Burgers was operated by Shantell Connor, a replacement for the short-lived, burger-centric, “all vegan drive-thru” VegeWay, originally run by chef Kenny Chye.

Vegan Bliss will be overseen by husband-and-wife team Rick and Kim Wescott, “4th generation farmers” from California, promising “an even more extensive farm to table experience for our visitors and endless amounts of new, innovative dishes.”

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6410 North Durango Dr., Las Vegas, NV 89149

Blinder’s Burgers & Brunch

6410 N. Durango Drive, Las Vegas, NV 89149 702-685-5939 Visit Website

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