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Mexican Restaurant Shut Down by the Health Department with 55 Demerits

Plus an Italian restaurant on the Strip comes close to being closed

Health Inspected
Health Inspected
Bradley Martin

Mariscos el Tapatio, the Mexican restaurant inside the ARCO AM/PM at 1195 E. Pyle Ave., earned 55 demerits during a May 14 inspection by the Southern Nevada Health District, which shut down the restaurant.

Inspectors discovered cooked carrots covered in mold, expired hominy, chorizo, and ham, and “carnitas, chorizo, ham, sausage, broth, salsa, queso, pozole, raw beef, el pastor, raw chicken, fish, and beans all had to be thrown out,” KTNV reports. Fryer baskets featured built up grease and old food while the steam table and cook line needed to be cleaned. Other violations included a food handler washing dishes over clean equipment and unwashed avocado mixed in with cut onions.

The restaurant re-opened on May 15 with a zero-demerit A grade.

Il Mulino New York at the Forum Shops at Caesars earned a 38-demerit C grade on May 16. Health inspectors found food touched with bare hands, expired Bolognese and chicken stock, cooked spinach cooling in a sink next to soapy water, dirty can openers and slicers, an multiple flies.

Il Mulino earned a 30-demerit C grade on May 17, 2018, and the health department warned the restaurant that one more C grade could result in administrative action, KTNV reports. As of May 30, the restaurant has not gone through a reinspection.

The health department shut down Tacos Colima food truck on May 15 for inadequate refrigeration and gross unsanitary conditions. Inspectors found about 10 pounds of rancid raw beef and fly tape coated with dead bugs hung above food. The food truck earned a zero-demerit A grade on May 16.

The health district conducts unannounced inspections at least once a year. Inspections are posted online about five days after the inspection. The Southern Nevada Health District routinely shuts down restaurants that receive more than 40 demerits. Restaurants have the option of requesting a re-inspection before the next scheduled inspection.

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Il Mulino New York

3500 Las Vegas Blvd S, Las Vegas, NV 89109 (702) 492-6000 Visit Website

Forum Shops at Caesars

3472 Las Vegas Blvd. S, Las Vegas, NV 89109 (702) 893-4800 Visit Website

Mariscos el Tapatio

1195 E. Pyle Ave., Las Vegas, NV 89183