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Get To Know the Artwork at Hatsumi

Yerman the Sad Yeti helps raise awareness about mental health

Restaurant interior centered around bar top and art
Louiie Victa

Dan Krohmer, who just opened Hatsumi in Downtown Las Vegas at Fergusons as well as Other Mama, brought on Ryan Brunty of Depressed Monsters to create the cartoon artwork inside the new Japanese restaurant.

The character’s name, dubbed Yerman, dances around the interior of the space, as well as at a building across the street. Brunty’s genderless streetwear clothing line that he launched in 2014 tries to bring mental health awareness to the masses through Yerman, street art, and public speaking engagements.

Brunty donates a portion of all proceeds to top mental health agencies across the country; Depressed Monsters’s goal is to alleviate the stigma around speaking about mental health.

Yerman the Sad Yeti has been featured on television shows such as America’s Next Top Model and MTV’s Real World along with murals in Downtown Las Vegas at headquarters, Gold Spike, and festivals such as Life is Beautiful and Coachella.

Louiie Victa

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1028 Fremont Street, , NV 89101 (702) 268-8939 Visit Website

Other Mama

3655 South Durango Drive, , NV 89147 (702) 463-8382 Visit Website