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Revealed: The French Fry-Only Menu Headed to the Strip

Frites Las Vegas brings a roster of fry options

Frites Las Vegas
Frites Las Vegas
Frites Las Vegas [Official Site]

Frites Las Vegas, the French fries specialist opening inside the Castle Walk Food Court at Excalibur, still plans to open on June 24 with a roster for fries served from a counter dressed up like a food truck.

“We have created flavor profiles with a nod to Americana nostalgia yet with a sophisticated international flair,” the company says.

Now Frites releases its lineup of fries, cut into triangles, based on the shape of Toblerone candy bars, to get the optimal crunch.

House frites, an everything bagel variety, truffle fries, and double ketchup go for $5-$6. Any of the fries can come with an egg on top for an additional $1.

Meals cost $8 and include the Chips ‘N Dip with deviled egg sauce and thick-cut potato rounds; castle frites with bacon, cheddar cheese, sour cream, and chives on top of stubby frites fries; sausage gravy fries with breakfast sausage and black peppered gravy on top of stubby frites fries; and nacho frites with yellow queso, cotija cheese, jalapeños, red onion, and cilantro on top of stubby frites fries.

Specialty sauces include Thai chili, aji crema, deviled egg, and nacho cheese, each for 50 cents.

The $6 sweets include churro-style crinkle cut sweet potato fries with whipped malted Nutella cream made with coconut oil and a root beer float.

Frites fries its potatoes in beef tallow, and vegetarians can request peanut oil. The entire menu is gluten-free.

French Fries Specialist Brings a Food Truck to the Strip [ELV]

Frites Las Vegas

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