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Fancy Pants Grocery Store Makes a Move to the Eastside

Foie gras, truffles, and caviar arriving soon from Artisanal Foods

Artisanal Foods
Artisanal Foods
Eater staff

Brett Ottolenghi’s Artisanal Foods is making a move from its hidden home in the industrial neighborhood south of McCarran International Airport, and heading into an easy-to-find space at the Tropicana East Shopping Center.

Currently hiring and already featuring a chalkboard sign ready to welcome shoppers, the new site is three miles to the north of the 11-year-old, combination wholesale food distribution and retail outlet.

Moving into a former 15,142-square-foot Save A Lot discount grocery store, the new Artisanal Foods will join Ramen Fukumimi, Don Tortaco Mexican Grill, and the El Salvador -inspired menu of Las Pupusas at the intersection of Tropicana and Eastern Avenues.

Self-described as “the purveyor of choice among home gourmets and top chefs across the country” and stocking high-end products uncommon to its new neighborhood, the retail store will be open daily and is looking to hire a weekday chef to cook to prepare “salads, sandwiches, and beverages to keep our grab and go cooler stocked,” plus package “spices, teas, cheeses, and charcuterie.”

The original Pama Lane location also briefly operated the six-seat, Cafe at Artisanal Foods in 2016, overseen by chef Johnny Church. No word yet if the new space will attempt a similar venture.

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Artisanal Foods

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