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Las Vegas’ First Vegan Deli and Butcher Shop Debuts This Summer

A “100% plant based” menu available at the drive-thru


NoButcher, a local creator and distributor of vegan meat products, will debut the region’s first “100% plant based” deli and butcher shop, currently pushing to be ready within “2-3 months.”

Headed to 3565 S. Rainbow Blvd. at the southwest’s Rainbow Warm Springs Shopping Center, the team is adding a traditional deli counter featuring the brand’s inventory of meat and cheeses, plus a range of sandwiches, salads, and sides.

NoButcher takes over the compact, former home of J.Gumbo’s Cajun Cookin’ and Beignets, sitting next door to a Tropical Smoothie Cafe. The butcher’s wares will available to eat in, or out. The deli also offers the added convenience of a drive-thru.

Already part of the NoButcher menu created without cholesterol, hormones, or preservatives, are dishes such as cashew cheese, “pulled NoPork,” sliders, and burgers, “chickpea NoTuna/NoBacon sandwiches” plus “NoRibs,” “NoTurkey” and “NoPepperoni.”

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3565 South Rainbow Boulevard, , NV 89103 (702) 268-7488 Visit Website