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Order in Klingon and Watch a Sci-Fi Movie on the Big Screen When Burger51 Opens

Updating Jon Basso’s burger stand and drive-in movie theater

Burger51 rendering of parking
Burger51 rendering of parking

One of the more unusual local dining concepts in recent years is offering naysayers video proof it is finally under construction and still promising to become “an absolute retro-Americana masterpiece!”

Created by Jon Basso, of Fremont Street’s Heart Attack Grill infamy, Burger51 is planned as a combination burger drive-thru and retro drive-in movie theater, taking over a half-acre plot at 101 N. Decatur Blvd., a short distance from Carlitos Cuban Food and close to an entrance to Route 95.

Designed with a sci-fi, “futuristic dystopian theme” and “1950s style,” customers will place their orders at the drive-thru and then park to watch vintage horror and science-fiction films on the outdoor movie screen.

Burger51 recently released footage of the kitchen “cube structures” being built in Henderson and still hopes for a summer debut.

Customers can opt to order from the future menu in Klingon, the language of a fictional species in the science fiction franchise Star Trek, and pick from menu items such as an Angus burger “simmered atop a flat griddle, with vine ripened tomatoes, hand leafed lettuce, American cheese, freshly sliced onions, and the famous burger51 sauce, all together under a freshly toasted bun.” Other options include popcorn, candy, and “sugar cane soda pop in real glass bottles.”

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