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First Las Vegas Kava Lounge Headed to Spring Valley

9th Island Kava to debut a “euphoric state of calm”

9th Island Kava
9th Island Kava
9th Island Kava [Official Site]

In a first for Las Vegas, a city that celebrates its honorary position as the ninth Hawaiian island, a kava tea lounge is on its way to Spring Valley.

9th Island Kava is moving into a vacant, former Dream Dinners food preparation outpost at the Rainbow Square retail center, close to the intersection of Hacienda Avenue and Rainbow Boulevard and a short walk from Happy Wok.

Recently filing paperwork to remodel the 1,400-square-foot space, the lounge’s team of “kavatenders” will prepare a traditional non-alcoholic tea made from the roots of the Kava plant found in the South Pacific Islands, creating a bitter-flavored drink the restaurant promises “induces a euphoric state of calm.”

Working under the slogan of “Relax your body. Refresh your mind. Rejuvenate your soul,” 9th Island Kava is emphasizing the social aspect of its lounge, and also promoting long-held, non-FDA approved claims the beverage can aid “anxiety, chronic pain, depression and insomnia.”

Originally the restaurant hoped to be ready before the end of June, but the operators have already been serving at local events, using imported Tongan ingredients and a AluBall kava maker machine.

A future debut date, or opening hours have yet to be announced.

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