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Eat a Colossal Käsespätzle in an Hour, Win a Prize

Hofbräuhaus introduces the newest food challenge in Las Vegas

Käsespätzle at Hofbräuhaus
Käsespätzle at Hofbräuhaus
Hofbräuhaus [Official Site]

Customers may never look at käsespätzle the same. The Bavarian-themed Hofbräuhaus now has a new food challenge featuring the German noodle dish. Patrons can get the new four-and-a-half-pound version of the specialty dish free when they finish the supersized version of the dish on their own in less than one hour.

Käsespätzle features spätzle, a German noodle, served with melted Swiss cheese and grated crisp onions. This version of the dish includes three pounds of spätzle smothered in one pound of melted Swiss cheese and peppered with a half a pound of crispy fried onions. No one will be counting the carbs.

Participants can’t get share this dish with anyone. But those who do finish the carb overload get the dish for no charge, as well as a free stein and a photo mention on social media.

No word on whether a free spanking by a fräulein is included, but surely the German bands and the boisterous sing-alongs will encourage intrepid diners.

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Hofbrauhaus Las Vegas

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