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Sizzling Pepper Lunch Starts Construction at Shanghai Plaza

The “D.I.Y. teppan” restaurant finds a place in Chinatown

Pepper Lunch
Pepper Lunch
Pepper Lunch/Facebook

The fifth U.S. expansion for Japan’s “sizzle-it-your-way” dining restaurant Pepper Lunch has finally begun the construction process at Chinatown’s Shanghai Plaza.

Long rumored, but previously hinting at a now optimistic summer debut, the casual restaurant provides diners with a 500-degree Fahrenheit “patented electromagnetic plate” to individually cook their dishes, right at their seat.

The latest paperwork calls for an estimated budget of $309,711 in construction costs alone and places the restaurant in suite 107, located between recent arrivals Dagu Rice Noodle and Tea Maison on the retail center’s ground floor.

Pepper Lunch will join two more highly anticipated arrivals at the plaza, Taiwan’s 85C Bakery Cafe and the uncommon “hot-and-sour fish soup” menu from Tai 2 Chinese Sauerkraut Fish.

Among the “D.I.Y. teppan” favorites, beef, eel, chicken, or seafood pepper rice dishes, Angus sirloin steak, hamburger steak with egg, kimchi cheese beef, and matcha cake for dessert.

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