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Zaba’s Mexican Grill Founder Returns with the Twisted Egg

“Twisted innovations” for breakfast and lunch

Twisted Egg
Twisted Egg
Twisted Egg/Facebook

While CEO of Zaba’s Mexican Grill, Douglas Bolle’s fast-casual restaurant had the look and feel of a national chain even though it was only a Las Vegas-born and operated business.

Bolle left the company he founded in 2016 and now is looking to tap into the local breakfast and lunch market for his next venture.

Twisted Egg, a self-described “Vegas Eatery,” is about to begin a remodel at the under construction retail center headed to 9450 W. Russell Road in the southwest, right at the intersection of Fort Apache Road and a short distance from The Gramercy.

Hoped, but still not confirmed, to be anchored by an Albertson's grocery store, the Twisted Egg is the first dining option to sign a lease.

Scheduled to be open only for breakfast and lunch, the restaurant promises “the menu features unique and bold flavors consisting of American classics along with our very own Twisted innovations.” Announced as “opening soon,” paperwork for the renovations has only recently been filed.

Since Bolle’s departure, Zabas has been renamed Ori’Zaba’s Scratch Mexican Grill and currently operates six Las Vegas locations.

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Twisted Egg

9450 W. Russell Road, Las Vegas, NV 89148