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Steamed Punk Coffee Cafe Gears Up for the Westside

Cold brew coffee, jewelry, and homemade soda

Steamed Punk Coffee Cafe
Steamed Punk Coffee Cafe
Steamed Punk Coffee Cafe/Facebook

A mobile truck devoted to serving quality coffee from a unique setting decided to move out of the heat and set up a permanent presence inside the westside’s Fantastic Indoor Swap Meet.

Steamed Punk Coffee Cafe is the creation of two veterans of the 173rd Airborne Brigade Combat Team, who earned their java knowledge while stationed overseas.

In Las Vegas, the cafe plans to open on Aug. 2 and pour during the regular swap meet hours of 10 a.m to 6 pm., Friday to Sunday.

While the coffee shop will sell its Costa Rica-, Columbia-, and Guatemala-sourced coffee beans via its website, the cafe also expects to sell its own brand of machine-inspired jewelry, plus hot, or cold brew coffee, sun tea, lemonade, and homemade soda.

The swap meet continues to host a frequently shifting roster of tenants. The cafe will join the coconut beverages at Coco Loco, the Cactus Cafe fried mini-doughnuts, and the rotisserie cooked Cornish hens at Sebastian’s Rolling Chicken.

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Fantastic Indoor Swap Meet

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