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Get Ready for 10 Local Potbelly Sandwich Shops

A national sandwich brand has big plans for Las Vegas

Potbelly Sandwich Shop
Potbelly Sandwich Shop
Potbelly Sandwich Shop [Official Site]

Nevada is one of the few states the Potbelly Sandwich Shop has yet to conquer, but fans of its hot submarine sandwich menu will have plenty of locations to visit next year.

Eric Persson, co-founder and co-owner of Maverick Gaming, the company behind four northern Nevada casinos and a Las Vegas restaurant franchiser, has signed up to initially launch 10 local Potbelly outposts.

Created in Chicago in 1977 and now expanded to more than 450 locations, Persson’s franchise has yet to announce the future locations, but will incorporate the brand’s new, modern interior design and menu upgrades. Traditionally, each shop places an antique, “potbelly stove” among its decor.

On the current menus, a sandwich roster including Mediterranean chicken, the PB&J, a pizza variant, the turkey, ham and bacon Clubby, and a skinny mushroom melt.

Among the soups, chicken pot pie, broccoli cheddar, or chili options, plus salads, breakfast choices, and a dream bar among its desserts.

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