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The Beer Invasion of the Arts District Continues with Two New Breweries

Even more craft brews head downtown to Main Street

Beer District Brewing
Beer District Brewing
Beer District Brewing/Facebook

Believing the Arts District is becoming less about artistic endeavors and more about craft beer, Jimmy Doyle and his team have named their forthcoming microbrewery and taproom Beer District Brewing, now under construction at 914 S. Main St.

Hoping the neighborhood will soon rival Henderson’s already well-established Beer District, the downtown brewers will replace a 4,014-square-foot auto body shop sitting between Hoover and Coolidge avenues and add a 222-square-foot patio.

During an earlier crowdfunding campaign, Beer District secured $50,000 worth of equipment ready to produce barrel-aged beers, lagers, IPAs, and event beers, including a Christmas special.

Half a mile away, another brewery has also filed permit paperwork, but has shared less information on its own progress. Formerly known as the Beer Keg, Proview Series 32 LLC intends to open a 1,203-square-foot tavern and 1,542-square-foot outdoor patio at 1321 S. Main St., on the corner with Imperial Avenue. Very early renderings imagined the space as a combination brewery and barbecue restaurant.

Both projects join the forthcoming CraftHaus Brewery, HUDL Brewing Co., and Able Baker Brewing Co., all located within walking distance of each other.

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Able Baker Brewing Co.

1510 Main St., Las Vegas, NV 89104 Visit Website

CraftHaus Brewery

197 East California Avenue, , NV 89104 (702) 888-1026 Visit Website

Beer District Brewing

914 South Main Street, , NV 89101 (702) 281-3735 Visit Website

HUDL Brewing Co.

1311 S. Main St., Las Vegas, NV 89104