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Guy Fieri’s Favorite Cinnamon Rolls Arrive in Henderson in October

Humboldt Sweets teases its future menu

A plate of raspberry, white and milk chocolate bark from Humboldt Sweets, coming soon to Henderson.
Humboldt Sweets
Humboldt Sweets/Facebook

Guy Fieri favorite for cinnamon rolls Humboldt Sweets now estimates an Oct. 30 opening day for the family-run bakery that is rapidly transforming its new Henderson home, more than 800-miles from its Ferndale, California, roots.

The bakery closed its West Coast store last year. This new combination bakery and cafe in Henderson spotlights a decadent collection of treats, including the large caramel-pecan cinnamon rolls praised by Guy Fieri on his Food Network TV show Diners, Drive-ins and Dives.

Located in the Coronado Canyons center, a new retail development at the southeast corner of Green Valley and Horizon Ridge parkways, Humboldt Sweets plans to makes its sweet and savory choices daily at the first Nevada cafe to serve drinks sourced from the Humboldt Bay Coffee Co.

Already announced for the menu, quiche served with toast and fruit spreads, jalapeño jack cheese scones prepared with a homemade bacon gravy, cream cheese-frosted cinnamon rolls, snickerdoodle buns, baked maple bars, mini-pies, and cheesecakes, cupcakes, eclairs, cakes served by the slice, lemon bars, pecan pie bars, and streusel coffee cakes.

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Humboldt Sweets

670 South Green Valley Pkwy. Suite 110, Henderson, NV 89012